Industrial/Domestic Electrical/ Electronics Designing, Installation & Procurement
Communications Gallery is an African leading electrical and electronics engineering services company with over 28 IEEE Certified significant experience personnel and Subsidiary, history and knowledge in the fields of electric and process control system, We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of electrical engineering services and procurement, installation, commissioning, inspection and testing, consultancy solutions that create sustainable value for clients in a diverse range of industry sectors including Oil and Gas, Paper, Chemical, Steel, Power Generation, Manufacturing and the Commercial sector.

Our Services in Electrical Solution:

  1. Electrical & Process Controls services include LV Switchboard, Electrical Control Panel, Main Switchboard, Metering Panel Electrical Enclosures, Get-Set Controller, Gen-Set Synchronizing, Motor Control Center Power Distribution Panels, AMF Control Board, Auto Mains Failure, Control Starter Panel, Gen-Set Paralleling, Lightning Surge Protector
  2. Procurement in Industrial/Domestic Electrical and Electronics Equipment.
  3. Electrical Inspection/Testing and Maintenance
  4. ElectricalDesigning/Commissioning

In addition to our electrical engineering services, we have 100% fully owned subsidiary company called as our division who specialize in providing a range of solutions in electrical and process control services solution to Communications Gallery.

General Inspection Services
Communications Gallery provides maintenance terms for periodic and on-going annual testing and maintenance activities for:

  1. On- site inspection of ATN equipment.
  2. Inspection and calibration of Fire and Gas detection system.
  3. Fire suppression system inspection and repairs.
  4. Fire Extinguisher inspection & repair.
  5. Instrumentation / Process Control Test and Calibration, etc.

Inspection Tools & Apparatus

Instrumentation & Calibration Services
We have gained immense expertise in rendering services for Instrument Calibration Service. These instrument calibration services rendered by us are executed by our proficient personnel, who ensure to utilize their commendable knowledge and rich experience in this domain. In addition to this, the offered instrument calibration services are provided to comprehend and meet the emerging requirements of clients.

Offered Services:

  1. To carry out the calibration of pressure gauges, digital temperature indicators, digital
    temperature controllers and allied
  2. To get the master Instruments calibrated with the NPL certified laboratories
  3. To carry out the heat mapping of the equipment like autoclaves, tray dryers and allied.

Pipeline Automation & Control System
Communications Gallery Group is a market leader for automation systems and control technologies, supplying solutions of materials products at all levels of process control and for all types of Oil and Gas Equipment.

Our cost effective, compact products are perfectly designed for remote automation solutions in well head and pipeline applications. We offer redundancy, integrated HMI, flow calculation and programmable logic controllers (PLC) functions to create custom solutions that cover the full range of oil and gas functionality. Gathering and transport pipelines are the main resources in the oil & gas midstream process. Typically, these sites are fully automated. To optimize operations, remote terminal units (RTU) or PLC are used for monitoring and control from a centralized SCADA or DCS. Remote automation devices support a range of functions, from monitoring, remote control and automation, flow calculation to custody transfer support, communication gateway and local data storage.

We minimize customer risk by providing integrated products and solutions as the main automation contractor (MAC) and the main electrical contractor (MEC). Solutions for midstream automation include a full range of instruments and field devices, combined with applications such as compressor/pumping station automation, leak detection system (LDS), management information system (MIS), pipeline efficiency monitoring, valve station automation and communication system.